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  • How-to Guide on Removing Salt Stains from Your Car

    Friday, February 19, 2016

    Jim Butler FIAT and Autoblog show you how to remove those troublesome salt stains from your vehicle

    Though the weather may start warming up, the St. Louis weather is always unpredictable. Perhaps the snow has subsided for the season, or maybe St. Louis forecasts will see some early spring snow. Either way, you have or probably will have salt stains on your vehicle after it’s all said and done.

    You may have some salt stains on your floor mats of you vehicle. Jim Butler FIAT and Autoblog are ready to show you how to remove salt stains from your car and its floor mats. 

    Standard table salt (NaCl) is soluble in water, but the salt that is used by MoDOT crews is a mixture of salt and other chemicals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. This is why just just taking a wet rag to the mats won’t get the salt stains off completely.

    If you’re a do-it-yourself type or like DIY projects, then you may already have some of the necessary items needed to complete this task. According to Autoblog, you will need:

    —Shop vacuum
    —White vinegar
    —Terry towel
    —Stiff bristle brush
    —Empty spray bottle
    —Fabric cleaner

    First, mix 50 percent hot water and 50 percent white vinegar in a spray bottle. Vacuum the floor mats to remove any road salt crystals that may still be hanging around. Spray the mat with the mixture and let sit for two minutes. The vinegar-water mixture will help break down the road salt. 

    Then, with the terry cloth, blot out the stain from the mat or use a wetvac to remove the moisture. After this once the stain is gone, spray the area with some fabric cleaner to help get rid of the vinegar smell. Go throught the mat with a stiff bristle brush, then dab with a towel or go over the mats again with a wetvac until dry.

    Autoblog recommends letting the mats air out overnight or next to a heavy-duty fan. 

    We hope these tips help. If you want your vehicle detailed or cleaned, bring it by Jim Butler FIAT’s service and detail department. Rubberized winter floor mats can help reduce the problem and can be ordered through our Mopar parts catalog online.

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